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Welcome to my World

My name is Joe Lynch and I was born in in 1954 in County Cork, near the famous Cork and Kerry mountains, an area steeped in the ancient arts of storytelling, music and song. We had no such luxuries as TV or even electricity for that matter and so for entertainment we depended on our culture just like the ancients did. 

The traditional turf fire was a very real and present part of our childhood, and where we learned and shared our stories.


The Stories

We learned all the ancient Celtic Sagas, like Cú Chulainn, The Children of Lir, Dirmuid and Grainne, and others. These stories were laced with wisdom, romance and intrigue and sometimes downright hilarious, but always entertaining. I think they seeped into my young bones.



I admired the gifted old storytellers like Eamon Kelly and the playwright John B Keane so much that I dreamed of emulating them. Now, half a century later in the other side of the world from County Cork. I have become known as the Storyteller, The Seánchaí. I accept this title with great humility and reverence and I hope I am doing it justice.



I loved poetry since before I could understand most of the words. I loved the raw yet beautiful spirit of it and its ability to transport you away from your cares and woes.


Painting and Drawing

I always painted as a child and I suppose I always will. 

My Book

An Seánchaí’ – The Storyteller is a book of stories, my own stories told in verse, paint and pencil. There is also an audio version available on this site, so you can hear my own croaky old voice deliver all my own poems. My heart and soul, pains and passions have gone into my book and I hope it blesses you in some special way.




‘An Seánchaí’ – The Storyteller

Books available at Rosetta’s Bookstore Maleny or from the website – Audiobook now available!