This little video was picked from a charity concert I did for the ‘White Ribbon’ organization.

This video was kindly taken by James and Josephine Polmeer (Thank you so much for giving me this video).


Somewhere over in Iraq
I wrote this for my youngest son Joey. He had just flown into Iraq with his fellow Australian army mates. While I was chilling at the Woodford Folk Festival, sharing my poems of peace and love, he was gearing up for war. It has won all sorts of poetry competitions although I never wrote it for that reason.


Strawberries and Cream. This is a love story that I wrote for herself. It’s got a big splash of a science lecture in the middle of it. Hope you like it.


Raglan Road/Emily I wrote the poem ‘Emily’ for the lovely smoko girl in our construction site. (Smoko is Australian slang for morning tea or lunch). We were all in love with Emily. She nurtured us all on a daily basis with her cold drinks and her warm smile. This is a recording of it with the fabulous Brisbane/ Irish Trad band ‘Sasta’. (The song ‘Raglan Road’ was written by the poet Patrick Kavanagh).


ABC Interview
ABC Interview with Michael Cathcart of Radio National’s ‘Books and Arts Daily’. I got to share this interview with the wonderful Singer/Songwriter Damien Dempsey from Dublin.

Irish Joe Lynch

by With Michael Cathcart | Radio National's Books and Art Daily

The Day love Won. About sixteen years ago something astonishing happened in the north of Ireland – They decided to walk down the road of peace after hundreds of years of bloodshed. I believe if peace can break out there it can happen anywhere. I wrote this poem to celebrate that peace.


This is my tribute to Dr Martin Luther King plus a few of my other heroes it highlights what can be achieved with pure love and peace.


A beautiful old poem written by William Butler Yeats as a young man when he was away in London heartbroken and homesick for Ireland.